HIVE (2019) Terms & Conditions

I understand the following (and will tell others in my organization):

1. Community membership is collaborative and trust-based. When working out of Commonplace, we will be friendly, curious, and welcoming.

2. Reservation is required to "Work out of the Box" at 

3.  All terms and conditions, including prices, hours, space, and layout designations are subject to change by Commonplace as necessary to accommodate membership needs.

4. Commonplace community membership is in beta! This year, the systems and resources are under development. We will contribute to the resource library and give feedback on how things are working for us. Commonplace strives to continuously improve service to its members. If we have problems/questions, we’ll ask and give feedback.

5. Everyone from my organization who will participate in community coworking must attend a Commonplace orientation/tour.

6.  Everyone is invited to lunch and poppy (BYOB) hour events every Friday. No reservation needed!

Other terms and conditions:

• Self-service. Commonplace is self-service! You can help yourself to coffee, tea, Commonplace growlers, etc; and snacks; or feel free to bring your own! If you feel like you are eating or drinking an unusual amount of Commonplace-provided snacks/beverages, kick in a little extra cash.

• Values and Beliefs. Support Commonplace Values & Beliefs

• Follow guidelines. Follow posted guidelines for different spaces, which Commonplace may update from time to time. When using meeting space, complete checklists.

• Respectful communication. Be respectful of others’ use of space; communicate with others if their noise level is disruptive.

• Feedback. Let us know if the space isn’t working for you and how we can make it better.

• Hours/Days. Community coworking days are 1 day/week of your choosing, 9am-5pm, at Commonplace Box.  RSVP online required.  You have one additional guest pass you can use M-Fr every month.  Meeting space is can be reserved when available using the online reservation system.

• Each member is 100% responsible for making the community work for you. Provide feedback to Commonplace on how to make the space and community serve you better; and participate in the community’s self-governing process for planning events.

• Commonplace reserves the right to change the areas designated for coworking spaces at any time, including layout and format.

• Commonplace may change rates/terms with 30 days notice.

• To terminate membership, you must provide notice at least 7 days before the date your membership renews.

• Clean up after yourself & guests; keep all shared or Common Areas clean and free of debris and trash.

• Attempt to resolve any conflicts with other Commonplacers or tenants directly, by approaching them with an open mind, will, and heart.

• You must follow any rules and restrictions imposed by Commonplace, including without limit hours of operation, reservation requirements, and standards for cleanliness.

• Your membership may be terminated at any time for failure to comply with terms of agreement or otherwise in Commonplace discretion (you forfeit remainder of payment for month of termination, but you will be refunded pro-rated advance payments you have made).

• Each member is fully responsible for the safety of your person and property at all times. Commonplace cares about your well-being and strives to make sure your needs are met -- but is not financially liable for your personal property or safety. Please ensure you and your property are safe and secure. You agree to waive all claims against Commonplace, Commonplace Practice, Statecraft, Commonplace Law, and its agents, directors, employees, owners, guests, and volunteers (and indemnify said parties) for any losses, damages, or costs that arise from your use of the space (on behalf of you, your organization, and your guests and invitees).

• This agreement is subject to terms of Lease Agreement with the Landlord for each space.

• Commonplace Coworker may use the Commonplace spaces made available for Coworker use only (as shown on maps posted in Commonplace, that may be updated from time to time) for work, collaboration, and connection. All uses will be in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. Commonplace may place reasonable limits on the number of hours you can access meeting rooms and work space.

Cobot Terms & Conditions

Cobot is the web platform used by Commonplace to provide this website.

See Cobot Terms